Our Mission: The Veterans Inn

In America, about 22 veterans commit suicide every single day. That’s an insane number of suicides. That’s one life gone every 65 minutes.

And of all the homeless people in America, 11 percent of them are veterans of war, with one out of every five homeless men being veterans. Once regarded with respect and dignity, they are men and women now forgotten and alone.

Many suffer from alcohol abuse, substance abuse, mental illnesses, physical injuries and emotional disorders. Depression, loneliness and despair are not uncommon.

While the causes and circumstances of each death vary, and we cannot alter the past, we hope to work toward making positive changes that will save lives. Now, and in the future.

But we need your help to change the statistics.


We invite you to give as little or as much as you can. A single gift today may save thousands of veterans tomorrow. Thank you for the opportunity to work together to change the statistics and give our veterans our wholehearted support.

  1. Build a standardized community kitchen where the veterans can enjoy healthy, home-cooked meals every day — $35,000
  2. Create a community patio where they can come together and enjoy their time, finding support and friends and creating lasting relationships — $15,000
  3. Build a community living space for veterans, their families and friends to enjoy — $22,000
  4. Remodel 24 motel rooms so that they are beautiful homes our veterans can live and sleep in — $500 per room
  5. Remodel the community laundry room — $1,000
  6. Offer Free Wi-Fi for the entire property — $1,800
  7. Repave the entire driveway — $55,000

The thousands of men and women who gave their most for us and our children deserve our appreciation and care. They deserve a better quality of life. We want to give them housing, support, and care. We want to combat those suicide rates. But we can’t do this alone. There are a number of existing needs–some immediate and some long term. We’re going to build the Veterans Inn, remodeling the old Angel’s Cove Motel in Lake City. Our vision is to transform it into a property dedicated to United States Veterans. It’s going to have comfortable bedrooms, a community kitchen with enough recreational space. The inn will have a community center for families and friends to visit. We’ll build it to be efficient, and for starters, we need to equip the place with basic necessities. This is our immediate focus for now. This is a simple, cost-effective solution. We’re not offering fancy, multimillion dollar schemes. We’ve broken down the costs so you can see exactly where your gift will go and get inspired about the progress we’ll be making together this year.

The Cosac Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit, has been actively serving communities in Florida since May 1997. The veterans of America are men and women who have served tirelessly and selflessly in countless stations around the world. They deserve our care and compassion. Our solution is simple, and it’s a community effort. We want to provide a safe and supportive community for our veterans. An old motel in Lake City will be remodeled into a beautiful property, dedicated to United States veterans. It will be a safe haven for them, a place of retreat and peace. Here, they will find counseling, establish supportive relationships and be among people who understand their situation and want to help. For the next six months, we will embark on this endeavor to build the Veterans Inn. It will be a welcome addition to the community, filling the need for veterans to have a place where they are loved, respected and remembered. You can be a part of this project and support our nonprofit by donating toward the reconstruction and beautification of the Veterans Inn. The new property address will be Veterans Inn, 5329 U.S. Highway 441, Lake City, Florida 32025. Please read on to find out our immediate needs and requests and how you can help and support this worthwhile cause today. Let’s help give them back their dignity. Let’s build them a home and refuge. Call us today for more information and updates on the Veterans Inn project.

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